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Azul Developments is dedicated, exclusively, to the marketing of new developments and replacement projects with the intention of further professionalizing our dedication to this business segment.

The global commercial management of real estate projects we offer requires a level of specialization and dedication very different to that of the rest of the activities in the sector, justifying the assigning of the right human team, the carrying out of independent professional activities and the holding of independent commercial facilities. Thus, we achieve greater efficiency and faster business results, which ultimately is the main objective of our clients and therefore our own objective.


Azul Developments main asset is the most complete network of collaborating agents on Costa del Sol, both national and, above all, international. Agencies from five continents are present in this network enabling us to attract buyers worldwide.

Costa del Sol and its different locations offer a range of products that adapt to any customer profile (luxury, golf, beach, nature, fun, gastronomy...) and we find it and install it on our land. Our natural and most representative market is Europe, but clients from South America, North America, Asia, Australia, South Africa, North Africa or Arab Countries are increasingly interested in our homes.

At Azul Developments we are aware that the most important thing in the entire commercial process is the closing of the sale, for which it is necessary provide the best service to the buyer-client and in our case, as top-level marketer, to serve the collaborating agent offering him or her a product they can hardly reach pulling their own resources and generating trust through the reputation earned with the success of the projects in our portfolio, hence the excellent relationship we maintain both with the network of agents and with the professional teams that work with their own client portfolio in Costa del Sol.

Azul Developments holds the necessary technical knowledge to offer our wholesale clients the best business opportunities, starting with the location of land to be developed, going through urban and legal analysis and ending with offering the best definition of the product in order to optimize profitability of the proposed project, taking into account both market prices and the necessary commercial margin and always on the grounds of the viability of the project after our exhaustive study and market knowledge.


At Azul Developments we have our own department that allows us to create a studied communication and marketing strategy that is consistent with the interests of the property and with the particularities of each of the projects. We offer a comprehensive communication and marketing management service, as well as advisory and consultancy services aimed at creating or reinforcing a distinctive brand for each real estate project.

It is crucial to have the necessary solvency to be able to implement the essential means to carry out marketing success, such as the contribution of a qualified sales force, each and every one of the necessary resources in our marketing plan, a healthy income statement to face the payment of fees in a timely manner to our network of agents and the maintenance of commercial activity.

We are in a position to provide the necessary investment to complement the property owners' resources to make the product more attractive, to optimize the staging of the project in the market and to be able to transmit to the network of agents that they have a new exclusive and outstanding project in their portfolio.


Azul Developments and its entire commercial team have extensive experience in the use of CRM tools and reporting, we have extensive knowledge of the internal procedures of our developer clients (CRM, AML, contracts, relationship with lawyers, ...) and we speak the same language as our network of agents and the lawyers who advise the final client.

We have our own administration department, which allows us to channel commercial management, obtaining the real-time information necessary for the analysis and monitoring of the final customer, guiding them in their decision-making. In addition, at Azul Developments we take care of the entire sales process, from the reservation to the writing of the sale agreement, remaining in charge of the project after the delivery of the last unit, offering the best advice and personalized service, which allows optimize delivery and reduce incidents and costs derived from after-sales.


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